Specially trained as a ninja from childhood. The primary candidate for the next leadership of Shinobi Village.
‚sakeshi Maya Date of Birth: 3/24/1967
Information : Takeshi has been studying Action techniques and skills from his early teens. His experience in Action includes: appearances in various TV programs, Movies (such as "The Last Samurai") & countless popular musicals & theatre in Japan as well as work as an Action Coordinator in a couple of foreign films. So with his vast amount of talents and experiences, Takeshi decided to venture into the Global Short Film market. Where he hopes to change the image and set the new worldwide standard of Action Shorts with his movie, gKAGE.h
Rikufs friend from early childhood. The only female ninja, eKunoichif,with fairy-likebeauty, excellent martial arts skills and ninja techniques.
Chisa Yokoyama Date of Birth: 12/20/1969
Information : Chisa, recognized as the gqueen of the animation voiceh, a professional voice talent for a variety of media outlets such as: animation, movies, TV shows and games just to name a few. She has also won the prestigious Gold Disc Award in 2003 for her outstanding achievements as Jinguji in gSakura Taisen.h Thatfs not all, Chisa has a wide range of talents in Japanese sword fighting, Taiko & Japanese Buyou; she does it allc
Mysterious fellow who came into Shinobi Village with a group of cruel men. His true intentions are still hidden.
Shane Kosugi Date of Birth: 5/25/1976
Information : Shane was born into the movie world with his world renowned father, Sho Kosugi, who started the worldwide Ninja boom in the 1980fs. He was bred to be an action star from a young age and has a vast arsenal of talents, experiences & skills in such areas as: gymnastics and acrobatics, Karate, Kung-fu, Judo, Kendo, Japanese sword fighting, knowledge in various weapons, horseback riding, Iai-do, stunts just to name a few.
MOUMOU : Takeshi Ishida Date of Birth: 10/18/1965
Information : Takeshi is a member of eKankaraf, a comedy group founded by Kinichi Hagimoto. The group is composed of five members from eKinchan Theatrical Companyf. He is famous for Samurai comedy, including swordfighting.
SHIKOSHIKO : Hiroki Noguchi Date of Birth: 4/5/1967
Information : Leader of TOKIKAZE Company ( a swordfighting performance group )
RIN RIN : Airi Yoshihama Date of Birth: 4/1/1981
Information : A member of G-Rockets ( a fusion group created from gymnastic performances and art ).
Airi started gymnastics at the age of six. She graduated from Japan University of Physical Education. Airi is highly skilled at speedy acrobatics and similar performances done in the air.
RARA : Shinya Shimokawa Date of Birth: 4/22/1980
Information : Shinya is an actor who wears a costume for special effects in his cinematographic shows.

Takayasu Yamazaki Date of Birth: 5/27/1971

Kouji Miyoshi Date of Birth: 3/1977

Teruhisa Nakano Date of Birth: 9/21/1975
Information : A member of TOKIKAZE Company.

Kyousuke Sakai Date of Birth: 3/30/1972
Information : A member of TOKIKAZE Company.

Naoki Nakamura Date of Birth: 4/2/1979
Information : A member of TOKIKAZE Company.

Haruya Nakayama Date of Birth: 4/22/1969
Information : A member of TOKIKAZE Company.

Yuuichi Satou Date of Birth: 9/29/1980
Information : A member of TOKIKAZE Company.